Mikio Braun

Mikio Braun

Technical Leadership in Data Science

Helping People and Companies Put Machine Learning Into Practice

Getting started with machine learning and data science is already a challenge but once you want to scale up and make impact with machine learning projects across the company, that is where the real fun starts.

I've seen that in order to be successful with data science, you need to have technology, people, and organizations work hand in hand. You need the right technical infrastructure, the right people, the right approaches to running projects and developing products, and know how to make the right strategic decisions on supporting the business with data science.

I want to help people and companies getting better at putting machine learning into practice. I have worked across the whole range, from doing research on fundamental machine learning algorithms, to leading teams, providing technical leadership, and running company-wide initiatives on how to support data scientists.

I believe that many companies are at this stage of started on the path, but now need help to get to the next level. I have decided to become an individual consultant to provide technical leadership to you, so that you don't have to spend time and money to figure it all out for yourselves.

If you are interested to work with me, get in touch with me through one of the channel below, or look at the resources below to learn more about what I do.



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